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Best Astrology Software For PC, Cloud, Android And IOS


A fantastic way to make money and do business is through astrology.

Selecting the finest instruments for your astrological predictions is therefore essential for the growth of your company.

You'll need to select the bestastrology softwareprogram after you make the decision to take astrology more seriously and are prepared to run charts independently.

Here are some pointers to help you in your search.

What Is Software For Astrology?

Astrology software, also referred to as jyotish software, is a computer program created to analyze horoscopes.

The main features that aid in thorough kundali creation are the birth chart and natal chart, navmansh chart, etc.

Based on forecasts, it offers a variety of important calculations and data.

5 Best Vedic Astrology Software in 2023 #vedicastrologysoftware

Online Astrology Software

You can start running charts on Astro.com for free before deciding to spend some money on a program.

If you're just getting started, you'll be able to run and save charts, look at the birth chart and transits, and pretty much anything else you need to.

We advise starting here because once you begin working with charts on your own, you'll gain a better understanding of your preferred working style and the features you might require.

When you buy your first program, you'll be prepared to make a sensible decision.

For Use With PCs

Sunny Fire

We recommend Solar Fire for most novice astrologers who use a PC because it's the most well-liked and you can probably find free support from a buddy who is already using it.

You can't go wrong with this decision because Solar Fire is a powerful program with all the bells and whistles.

Previously, only PCs could run Solar Fire, but now a Mac-based version dubbed AstroGold is also available.

AstroGold is a mobile app and operates on Apple computers.


For PC users who prefer Solar Fire's user interface but would want a slightly prettier style, Win*Star is a fantastic option.

It has several features that Solar Fire and Sirius don't, despite lacking their whole feature sets.

One of them lets you click on each planet in a list to highlight the parts of the chart that match the orbs you've set.

Win*Star was one of the first astrology-specific software programs.

It gives you quick access to some of Michael Erlewine's favorite methods, such as "burn rate," "midpoints," and "Lilly strengths," which are rankings of planets' strengths based on William Lilly's ideas.


Perhaps the most reliable software now in use is Sirius. Additionally, it's the best option if you want to research charts because it has over 50,000 other charts in addition to the whole Astrodatabank database.

You can search using pretty much any criteria you can think of, including declination, which is one of my personal favorites.

Internet-based Software

Astrology By LUNA

Every type of device you might imagine, including PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android, Chromebook, and even Linux machines, is compatible with LUNA, a cloud astrology software program.

Since it is cloud-based, you may either save money by purchasing a yearly plan or pay a cheap monthly fee.

There are no restrictions on the number of charts you can save, and LUNA can be used simultaneously on numerous devices.

LUNA includes a very simple and user-friendly design, real-time chart animation, and mobile app installation.

Even though it is only available in the cloud and costs much less than desktop software, it works pretty much the same as desktop software.

Arcana deck used for tarot
Arcana deck used for tarot

MAC Software


The ideal Mac software solution is Astro*Gold. Of all the available astro software solutions, it has one of the best software user interfaces.

In comparison to other of the more feature-rich solutions, it is clear and straightforward and requires less training.

AstroGold has all the features that most astrologers will need, and they can be added with just a few clicks.

For example, adding transit and advancement biwheels is easy.

Apps (Android And IOS)

Day-by-Day Astrology

The usage of non-magical calendars by magical friends is forbidden! Professional astrologers and astrology students of all levels can use the customisable transit monitoring calendar created by Astrology for Days.

It is a streamlined and simplified tool for tracking transits that supports your astrological workflow by providing accurate transit calculations at your fingertips on any device (phone, desktop, or tablet).

The calendar is color-customizable in addition to showing the daily transit, and there is an in-app ephemeris and unlimited note-taking room.

Planetary Zone

The website Astrology Zone is praised for offering precise readings that are simple to comprehend. Depending on what you anticipate for the month, the app provides precise projections.

It provides quite upbeat daily and monthly horoscopes as well as compatibility diagrams.

Along with forecasts about many facets of your life, such as work, relationships, and health, you'll also find a Learn Astrology section with information about planets and how they influence your personality traits.

Additionally, you may review previous readings going back a month.


You can read horoscopes on Nebula every day, every week, every month, and every year. The app tells you what your daily focus is and offers advice on how to manage your relationships and personal life.

It lets you find out if you are compatible with anyone based on their zodiac sign or date of birth. It also offers birth chart analysis and a lot of information about astrology.

Nebula provides access to a variety of astrological data, including individualized calendars for home, travel, exercise, beauty, and health.

There are other books that help you learn about the planets, the zodiac, palmistry, and other topics.

Co Star

One of the most well-known astrology apps is Co-Star. The simple app requests your date and time of birth in order to generate a personalized star chart for you. It then employs this data to provide individualized astrological readings.

The software categorizes your daily readings into other areas (such as thinking and social life) and alerts you to the ones that you'll be performing well on that day.

You can also add more people and compare how their charts line up.

In order to provide an accurate horoscope, Co-Star asserts that it uses astrological data from NASA to follow the movements of planets and stars in real time.

It also employs artificial intelligence (AI) to display highly customized horoscopes for you.


Free daily and monthly horoscopes, daily tarot card readings, astrological profiles, and basic learning tools are offered by Sanctuary.

The software makes a sincere effort to make reading engaging and enjoyable by incorporating GIFs, emoticons, jokes, and other elements.

You may get expert astrological readings of your chart in real time for a few bucks per minute.

You have the option of speaking with a psychic or empath, as well as asking about any astrological concerns that are on your mind.

Clock with all zodiac houses
Clock with all zodiac houses

People Also Ask

Which Software Is Good For Astrology?

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What Is The Most Accurate Astrology System?

Vedic astrology has a well-known reputation for being accurate, while Western astrology is often criticized for being more wrong than right.

What Apps Do Astrologers Use?

  • Astrology Zone. Nebula.
  • Co-Star.
  • Sanctuary Astrology.
  • The Pattern.
  • TimePassages.
  • Daily Horoscope.
  • Time Nomad.


Numerous astrology software applications and programs are available for the Windows operating system, many of which are free.

Be careful when selecting the tool you'll employ in your endeavor.

Always remember to keep learning in astrology alongside learning in tools and software, which is why we recommend visiting websites such as Joynumber.com, Kasamba, or Oranum.com. Click hereto learn about other tips that could help in your astrology career.

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